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At Mel's Mutts, I believe all dogs (and their humans) can benefit from dog training.  I'm a fan of positive and reward-based training.  I believe the  communication between dog and owner is often misunderstood, and we are communicating the wrong message to our dogs.  With proper training and awareness, that can be identified and modified so that we are "speaking the same language" as our dogs.  This will help them know what we're telling them, and we can respond appropriately to them.  Yes, I am here to teach your dog basic obedience, commands, and general house manners.  Yes, I can help your pup walk nicer on the leash and be more social with other dogs.  But I'm also here to help you enhance the communication and relationship with the furry friend you love so much, to make life between you even better than you imagined!   

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Dog walking is where Mel's Mutts originated.  In a region where long working hours and challenging commutes keep owners away from home for an extended time period, my 4-legged customers love a walk mid-day to get some exercise and a bathroom break!  A dog that has had some exercise throughout the day is typically better behaved once it's owners have returned home from work, enhancing the relationship between dog and owner.


I believe having a well trained dog has a huge impact on your family dynamics, home life, and your mental health.  I begin with a free consultation to meet you and your dog, and get to know what your training needs are.  I provide puppy training - from picking out your next furry friend, to housebreaking, to crate training.  Basic obedience should be a priority to all dog owners, and I can assist the dog and humans to ensure that you get the most of dog ownership.  I will lay the foundation for you to build upon with positive reinforcement, lots of treats, and affection.


Agility training is like a playground for dogs!  You and your pup will learn together how to tackle challenging obstacles, trust each other, and accomplish some pretty impressive obstacles!  From jumping through tires, over jumps, and running through tunnels, you and your dog will enjoy some physical and mental stimulation by learning and practicing agility!

Agility training coming soon!

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