Our dogs are happier to see Mel than they are to see us! We have been using Mel to walk our crazy high energy dogs for two years now. We trust Mel wholeheartedly; you can tell she genuinely cares for them. She might be the only person to love dogs more than we do, and that’s hard to admit! Mel’s always considering each dogs’ best interest. She will work on any form of training with them that we are currently using. She walks them both separately because they both have different needs, that way they both get the most enjoyment out of their walk. She can handle them both together as well if needed, but we prefer they walk separately. She’s always teaching them new tricks and taking them on hikes through local trails going above and beyond. We always get reports on which dog went to the bathroom or not, and how their walk went accompanied by amazing pictures. Maybe she was a photographer in her past life?  Our dogs are very spoiled with her, it’s no wonder they’re happier to see her than us.

If you want a real professional and the security of knowing that your walker will treat your dogs like her own, it’s Mel. We recommend her to everyone!

Melissa and Scott C. (Winston and Ellie)


We just adopted a puppy and while we're so excited and in love there’s a lot we don’t know about puppies (other then they are stinking cute!). Working with Mel has been such a blessing. She’s been a trusted source of information and guidance. When something seems like a mountain to get over with adjusting to dog life she breaks it down for us and her techniques WORK! She’s made the transition so comforting for us and Opal! Thank you, Mel!!

Jeanine and Ivan (Opal)


Our family adopted Wilson from the shelter. He’s about a year old and was house broken but lacked basic manners. We looked online at a few companies that promised results but they were very expensive, had rigid class schedules, or used shock collars.  A friend recommend Mel’s Mutts to us.  We reached out to Melanie and she listened to what we needed and was very flexible with class scheduling. We agreed on 6 private classes focused on what we wanted Wilson to achieve.  We got started right away and Wilson immediately responded to Melanie, it was amazing.  We have also taken part in a couple of her group classes focused on socializing with other dogs.  In the end I think Melanie trained us as well as Wilson and we could not be happier with the results.  If you are looking for obedience training that is local and specialized to what you and your dog need, we recommend Melanie and Mel’s Mutts.

Billy and Brandy O. (Wilson)


When Dozer joined our family as a 12 week old puppy, we knew that we wanted to invest in obedience training for him. We wanted Dozer to be able to respond to our commands, but also be able to be a social dog. Our first cattle dog was very good at listening, but was not social outside of our family. When we first met with Mel, she went over what we were hoping to accomplish, and set goals for Dozer. From his first session, we were seeing huge improvements! After one session, we were able to walk him in a calm manner. Through the six weeks that we met with Mel, Dozer learned several important commands, became easier to manage when he was excited over something, he learned manners with our other dog and family members. He also became a dog that did not overreact when around other dogs. We can now take him into dog friendly stores, and can walk him without worrying about crossing paths with other dogs. Obedience training with Mel didn't just teach Dozer how to behave, it also taught us how to work with him, to get the results that we want.

Melinda O. (Dozer)


Mel was absolutely wonderful to Champ & kept me updated on every visit! Very fortunate to have found someone so caring to help take care of my dog!

Joni A. (Champ)


I honestly don't think I would have survived the first four months with our new puppy without Mel.  She provided just the right amount of compassion and training to help us understand and fall in love with our brand new baby lab puppy.  Her training is completely tailored to the individual needs of the puppy and the owner, unlike many of the other training programs we have tried.  Because our older lab was so quick to learn and obedient from the start, we were completely thrown off to welcome a highly anxious, wild and crazy, strong, jumpy, destructive puppy into our home.  We even considered rehoming her.  Mel helped us to calm her behaviors and helped us understand how we were contributing to her anxieties, reassuring us constantly that she's just being a puppy.  Her tools and patience have been a blessing!

John & Brandy K. (Rey)