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Mel's Mutts Recommended Products

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Brain Games:

Snuffle Mat

Lick Mat

Flirt Pole 

**Note about brain games: I suggest saving brain games for special training sessions or times that you need to wear your dog out.  I do not recommend keeping these items out and within your dog's reach on a daily basis.  I have so many other ideas for brain games that you can make/do yourself, just ask!**  

Chew Toys:

Kong Toy


**Note about chew toys: Puppies, especially, need a variety of chew toys.  Please be sure you select the product that is appropriate for your dog's age, size, and chew habits.  Having a variety of chew toys and swapping them out from time to time will help keep the toy exciting for your dog!**

Clean Up:

Lilly Brush  Lilly Brush Video Because let's be honest... dogs aren't always the tidy contributors to our houses and cars!

Nature's Miracle Get the pet stains and smells removed.

Nature's Miracle Skunk Formula  Unfortunately I can speak from lots of experience! This is hands down the best solution if your dog gets sprayed.  If you have skunks near your home, get a bottle of this before you need it!

Poop Bags No, not all poop bags are created equally.


Martingale Collar A great everyday collar.

Starmark Collar This shouldn't be used on young puppies, but is a great tool for pups who pull during walks, and is probably my favorite and most effective recommendation. 

Easy Walk Harness Although I'm not typically a fan of harnesses, this one is great!  Check sizing chart

Sporn Harness This is another great harness.  One of my clients introduced me to this one!  Again, check sizing chart.

Quiet Spot Tag Silencer Our dogs have always worn a collar around the clock with their ID/tags on them.  Get the Quiet Spot... trust me!

**Note about collars: You may need to try a few collars and leashes to see what combination works best for your dog. Those that clip are typically easier to put on and remove than those that don't clip.**



Slow Feeder Dog Bowl A must-have for fast eaters.

Grass saver supplements These will help eliminate the "burn" spots that you'll sometimes get on your grass from dog urine.  They get mixed reviews, but I will say that they have worked well for us, as long as we use them consistently.  I also suggest you verify with your veterinarian that it is OK to use these for your pup if you have burn spots on your grass.


Brush Gloves Got a heavy shedder?  Use these in addition to a traditional brush.  Get rid of extra fur while you give your dog affection.

Dremel Nail File This is a great tool but works best in conjunction with traditional dog nail clippers.

Deodorizer Spray For between baths.


Long Leash This is great to bring to a park, or if you do not have a fenced-in yard.

Short Leash For focused walking.

Hands-Free Leash When your dog walks nicely on a leash and you want to casually stroll with coffee in hand, a hands-free leash is amazing and empowering!

Slip Leash (outdoor/standard) A quick answer for potty breaks and focused walking.

Slip Leash (indoor/small/portable) Keep a few of these stashed around the house, in the car, purse, etc.  I've found more uses for them than I ever imagined, and they take up almost no space. 

**Note about leashes: You'll probably want one of each of these, honestly.  I use all of these leashes regularly - at different times and for different purposes.  The leashes with the loop near the clip are great for dogs who pull, so you don't have to wrap the leash around your hand.**



Cooling Mat This is a newly found and best-kept secret you'll want for those hot days!

Dog Treat Bag Getting a treat from a treat pouch is much easier than digging through your pockets during training sessions.

Webcam So you can watch your pup, especially in the crate, while you're away.  This was hands down the best $36 product I've ever purchased for a puppy!


Chuck-It Ball Thrower If you have a ball-driven dog, this is the best thing you'll ever buy!  Keep the slobbery ball out of your hands, and throw it like a baseball superstar!

Chuck-It Balls They fit perfectly inside the ball thrower and are more durable than tennis balls if your dog destroys the tennis balls.

Non-Stuffed Plush I'm just suggesting the non-stuffed plush animals because my dogs have always destroyed stuffed toys and I don't want them to ingest the stuffing.

**Note about toys: there are a ton of toys on the market,   Ropes, frisbees, and tug toys are great, too!  Most dogs love squeaky toys, just watch out for them to tear the squeakers out.** 

~~As an Amazon Associate, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases made through the links listed on this website~~

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